OUTreach Resource Centers is Moving

You may have heard that we're moving out of our long-time home in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden.  Our Executive Director Rachel Peterson, expressed her excitement in a written statement to the Standard Examiner:“OUTreach’s mission has always been to serve the youth who come to us for food, clothing, sleeping bags, and other life-sustaining supplies. Chronic youth homelessness is among my chief concerns and this partnership will allow us to meet the needs of youth in ways that haven’t been possible before.”

Read the full article here. 


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New OUTreach Executive Director was homeless

"There is a reason the new executive director for youth services at the OUTreach Resource Centers is able to connect with kids who often are facing the most desperate of circumstances, including homelessness.

She’s been there herself.

Rachel Peterson speaks carefully about her own days on the streets, only sharing her story when she believes the information will help someone in need."

To read more, visit the Standard Examiner's article here

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In our Mothers' House back on shelves

After a long ordeal our Executive Director and other LGBTQ allies got "In our Mothers' House" back on shelves in Davis County. Read more here. 

Marian Edmonds, director of Ogden OUTreach, said the decision was a clear victory.

Ogden OUTreach is an Ogden-based resource center for gay youths. Edmonds held two public forums on “In Our Mothers’ House,” trying to draw attention to the controversy and force Davis School District to change its stand.

“I think that they knew that they were in the wrong and it was going to be a matter of time, and they thought they should cave in early rather than fight a losing battle,” she said.

“It was very, very clear that they were not doing the right thing. There were not a lot of people backing them up.”

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Jackson Carter makes it on "The Biggest Loser"

Carter, 21 and a Weber State theater education student, has been a volunteer at OUTreach and is proud to call himself the first openly gay contestant on “The Biggest Loser.”

“Jackson thinks it’s a very positive thing,” said Marian Edmonds, OUTreach executive director. “He came home over the holidays, and someone here asked him how it feels to be out and gay on the show. We won’t really know until we see the show, but he feels like he will be presented in a positive way as a gay person. He feels very supported.”
We're proud of Jackson's longtime volunteerism at OUTreach Resource Centers, read more about his participation on "The Biggest Loser" here.  


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Thoughts by Charles Trentelman

Charles Trentelman wrote an article about making 12/12/2012 count and it was powerful, read the excerpt below and then read the full article

“The other day Kelly, an OUTreach youth said: ‘I’m so glad I failed at suicide, because life is amazing.’

“It’s incredible how Ogden and Utah has been changing, how minds and hearts are opening to LGBT youth and keeping them safe. Maybe one day, the Kellys of the community won’t even think of suicide; they will always know that they are loved, and that life is amazing.”

— Marian Edmonds, director of Ogden OUTreach, a resource center for gay teens.


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