LGBTQ Affirmative Programming

Did you know that LGBTQ youth are at high risk for homelessness, suicide, and sex trafficking? This is because LGBTQ youth experiencing family rejection at home, bullying at school, and hostility in the community.

According to the 2014 OUTreach Youth Survey:

  • 2/3 have experienced some form of abuse
  • 40% have been kicked out by their parents at least once
  • About 1/3 of the youth we serve are currently experiencing homelessness
  • 45% sometimes worry that they won’t have enough food to eat
  • Over ½ have been harassed at school because of their sexual orientation or gender identity
  • ½ do not feel safe in their school
  • 62% report having attempted suicide
  • 15% have engaged in survival sex

It is because of this that all of our programming is LGBTQ affirmative and welcoming, we pride ourselves on supporting LGBTQ youth and their friends. 

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