Individual Mentoring

For a youth it means having a mentor to do weekly activities with, either at an OUTreach Center or elsewhere.  The adult will be matched according to personality, interests and other factors the youth decides.  For a youth, the mentor will not only be a fun companion, but will also be a role model, help with school and work decisions, and be a helpful guide for navigating life.  With your mentor you will establish and work towards goals, whether it be improving grades, working on a special project, or preparing for college or getting a job. Most of all, it will be fun, sharing life’s joys and challenges with someone who cares.

An adult will experience an ongoing (at least 6 month) relationship with a youth that involves being together for 2 hours per week doing fun activities at OUTreach, going to a movie, an athletic activity, tutoring, playing games, or whatever suits you both. You and your youth will establish goals for the relationship that help the youth to improve personally, academically, and towards rewarding employment, now or in the future.  The time you share will have purpose and meaning for both of you, as you help your youth grow to be a confident, caring, healthy adult.

Group Mentoring

If individual mentoring isn’t for you, group mentoring gives many of the same benefits but without an ongoing time commitment. You will spend your time engaged in mentoring a group of youth with other mentors in one of the OUTreach center locations. The time you spend will be up to you, and may involve specific planned activities or simply showing up and mentoring when you are able.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Let us know.

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